Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monkey Business

Here is my latest masterpiece!! These little guys were A LOT more work than they appear to be! It was super fun and really messy!! My cousin Meg is blessing her baby tomorrow and I thought it would be a fun treat!! :) (her favorite animal is a monkey and all the baby's stuff is animals!) I guess I am just trying to stay busy and hope for Mikey to get home soon!! I am losing it without him!! XOXO


  1. The Monkey's were so cute and creative. And might I add Yummy!

  2. Hey i just seen your blog, i will have to add you. If i can figure it out(im a little blog handicapped) But those Monkeys are so adorable. You are just so domestic!! You and your hubby are so cute and look so happy!! Congratulations, Glad everything is goin GREAT!!