Sunday, October 4, 2009


We have been married almost one whole month! I have never been happier and I am married to the greatest man alive. I figured I needed to put up some pic's from our honeymoon - but there are only a few - we are newly weds what do you expect? Mike and I ventured out to San Diego. After my surgery the doctor advised us to stay close, but we wanted a beach and the ocean. So we found a little island called Coronado where there was a beautiful historic hotel. We also hit up Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and a Padres Baseball Game! We had a blast and the time flew by. Although our honeymoon was amazing it is sure nice to be in our little home together every night!


  1. Hey Shi!! Guess I just found your new blog! Love it. You have a beautiful smile in all the pictures, and I am guessing that is because you and Mike are so dang happy!!! Isn't marriage great?

    You have made my son so happy. Thank you!!

  2. Gooooold! Wait just purple actually...;-)

  3. what surgery are you okay?? your blog is adorable! :) I love it and am so happy for you guys! Marriage is so fun Joel and I are on a year and a month now :) you'll be there before you know it and Joel and I went to san diego for our second honeymoon this august and had a blast! :) Your wedding was beautiful!